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Wednesday Wonders: SLOCA Character on the Playground

January 10th, 2018

We appreciate our Safety Team so much! They diligently watch over our kids and help keep them safe on the playground, but they also notice when students show acts of kindness, encouragement, or other SLOCA Character traits. Here are two quick but wonderful reports sent in by our Safety Team Lead, Erin Luton:

  • On Track B, a Safety Team member witnessed three 2nd grade boys playing. One was trying to kick a ball and another was encouraging him by saying "C'mon buddy! You can do it!" It was a great display of support and friendship.
  • We have loved seeing new students being embraced returning students. On both the playground and at lunch, we have seen them take it upon themselves to reach out, or when asked, to show sincerity in including a new student.  

Thanks for sharing these, Erin! Parents, keep discussing and instilling character in your kiddos – it’s beautiful when those seeds take root and grow into actions!