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Parent Portal Live! w/ History + Lit Experience

November 29, 2022
5:00 pm - 9:00 pm
165 Grand Ave, San Luis Obispo

For our Trimester 2 Parent Portal Live, we will provide multiple key applications for your life with your children at home, no matter what program you are in. The night will be richly packed and so worth it. A couple of important things to note:

  • We need your RSVP for the evening—this will help us plan by knowing who will be attending the whole or just parts of the evening. This is particularly important for those who would like the Soup + Bread dinner! See your SLATE for RSVP link.
  • Parking is always tight on these evenings. If you can carpool please do so. You can also park in the Teach Parking Lot.

5 – 6:40pm
Keith McCurdy: Raising Sturdy Kids (Highly recommended for parents of all age children)
Location: Multi-Purpose Room

We are so excited to be bringing Keith McCurdy, a well known consultant and speaker, to our SLOCA community! Among many things, SLOCA hopes our education develops hardy students. And yet, we recognize that in the last five years, many students (everywhere, not just at SLOCA) report feeling more anxious, overwhelmed and even depressed. To address this head on, we invited Keith McCurdy, a Family and Parenting Educator and Consultant, as well as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, to SLOCA to kick off our evening. Keith has worked with families, children, parents, and individuals for over 30 years in the field of mental health. Keith consults and coaches nationally on improving parenting skills, maintaining healthy relationships, leadership training, and addressing corporate stress management. In particular, Keith has developed a specialty working with public and private schools—with their staff and parents—to help them understand what goes into what he calls “Raising Sturdy Kids.”  Helping kids thrive includes things like allowing them to struggle, challenging them to tackle hard things, and putting emotions in their proper place. You won’t want to miss this session! If you plan to attend, please RSVP above.

6:40 – 7pm
Dinner Break

Delicious soup from SLO Provisions will be served along with bread for a suggested donation of $10. To make sure we have enough soup, please RSVP above. You can also purchase at the event once everyone who has ordered gets their food. Or bring your own dinner and come spend time together!

7 – 9pm
History + Literature Experience (Everyone welcome! Required for 1st – 8th grade families)
Location: Multi-Purpose Room

After receiving rousingly positive feedback regarding the set up of Tri One’s presentation, we will take a similar approach for Tri 2. However, we have different presenters for you from Grammar through Rhetoric levels who will integrate SLOCA teaching ideas through the trivium as you learn about characters like Shahrahzad and Robin Hood. History comes to life as we explore geography, important women of the Middle Ages, and the Flowering of Islamic Arts and Sciences.  You’ll come away with creative ways to bring your home studies to life, as well as those main dates, people, and places that you need to know for our Tri 2 studies.

Our generous Kindergarten families will once again provide a dessert table for the evening.  Be prepared to have some tasty treats!  

Be sure to check in to receive credit for attending!


  • A bottle of wine, a beer, or beverage of your choice (water and coffee will be provided). Don’t forget that corkscrew and your reusable cup (leave no trace)! This time around, if you would like to share we’ll have a table in the MPR to leave your bottles.
  • A sturdy notebook and a pen (we will provide colored pencils and markers).
  • A cozy folding chair that you love (black folding chairs will be available).
SLOCA, 165 Grand Ave
San Luis Obispo, CA 93405
Event Details
29 November 2022
5:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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