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SLOCA heavily relies on the help of our volunteers to support our staff. We need your help, your expertise and willingness to serve, your unique contributions allow SLOCA to run smoothly and thrive continually building the sense of community. Therefore we ask each parent to sign up for a volunteer team so we can best utilize your talents.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

To view a list of our current/ongoing volunteer needs just click the “log hours + sign up” button below & log into TrackItForward. Email Lora Gomes ([email protected]) if you have any questions. 

The Specifics

Each trimester we require 15 hours of volunteer time per family. The trimester dates are as follows:

*If your student is in high school, please still use the dates posted below to ensure you submit all volunteer hours on time (volunteer hours follow the trimester system).

*If you are in Tiny Wonders or year-round Little Wonders, your hour requirement is 21 hours for the school year

Tri 1:

August 28th–November 17th

Tri 2:

November 27th–March 12th

Tri 3:

March 18th–June 6th

  • You are required to volunteer 15 hours per trimester for a total of 45 hours per school year per family.
  • You must submit your hours by the last day of each trimester, listed above. There will be a $50 late fee for any submissions after the due date.
  • The monetary exchange rate for volunteer time is $20 spent = 1 hour. Any supplies purchased must be requested by either the Volunteer Coordinator or SLOCA Faculty and arranged before you buy the items. If you have any doubt if a purchase you are making will count towards volunteer time, please ask. Receipts will need to be submitted for purchases, so be sure to save your receipts.
  • If you end up completing your 15 hours for a trimester and still have more hours to log, be sure to select the next trimester when logging your hours.
  • If you have a HS student, they may fulfill family volunteer hours with the approval of the HS Director.
  • We encourage family and friends to volunteer for SLOCA; this can count towards your family’s hours!
  • Any hours not fulfilled will be charged to your FACTS account at the rate of $20 per hour not served and/or logged (this amount is prorated for amounts less or greater than one hour).
  • Having a baby gives you one free trimester of volunteer hours. It is your responsibility to log an entry into Track It Forward of 15 hours for having a baby in the specific trimester to let us know so we do not charge you.

How to Volunteer

  • It is your responsibility to consistently check our Track it Forward “Event Sign-ups” tab or check-in with teachers for specific needs in their classroom.
  • When you sign-up for a volunteer opportunity, you are then scheduled to complete that task, much like being scheduled for a paid job.
  • If we are having trouble finding help, we will email specific volunteer teams. 
  • Show up on time with a cheerful heart ready to volunteer!
  • In addition to Track it Forward, volunteer opportunities will be included in our weekly Bear Necessities.