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Semper discentes – always learning together.
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Logic Escape Room

Logic escape room

We have a fun WONDERing event to share with you today! Last week, our Logic teacher, Jenna Burns, along with our Upper Middle School parents and grandparents, successfully transformed a classroom into a Locked Room for our Logic students. It happened to coincide during Halloween so it was the perfect set-up!

Logic escape room
{photos by Cheryl McCabe}

Here is a little context for you from Jenna in case you are unfamiliar with what an escape room is…

“Though no one will be getting locked into the classroom, I’m calling it the Logic Escape Room, because it is in the same game genre as the locked room/escape room experiences that have become really popular in recent years. In a nutshell, students will be working in teams to solve logic puzzles that will crack codes and win the game.

The purpose of this event is: (1) to review the logic concepts taught so far, in preparation for the Trimester One Test (2) to give students continued practice with logic puzzles (3) FUN!  As an educator and as a mom, I believe in the positive impact of play on the minds and spirits of our kids. This event blends play and education seamlessly.”

I believe both parents and students will agree that this event was so much fun! Our Logic students loved it and every class won the game and saved the world!! Thank you to Mrs. Burns, and families who helped, for putting this on!

Below is the story scenario the students were told at the start of the event and photos to follow. Take a look!

A mad professor from Cal Poly has genetically engineered spiders to breed a highly toxic venom.  He has dastardly plans to weaponize the venom and take over the world. The spiders rapidly reproduced and made their den right outside Cal Poly in the SLOCA art room.  The mad scientist hid the antidote in the safest place he knew – the spider den. To save the world from this nefarious plot, you must work in teams to solve the clues which will unlock the box where the antidote is hidden.


{photos by Stephanie Ridley, Nicole MacDonald, and Deb Donnelly}



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