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Silk Road and the Seljuk Turks

silk road and the seljuk turks

Welcome back, families! We hope you had a lovely holiday season with your loved ones and are feeling refreshed and ready to get back at it. Yes, we realize it is the first Monday back to school and that re-entry might be a bit challenging for some of us today, so we’re here to cheer you on! We’ll go easy on our supplemental resources to help ease you back into your routines.

The last week before we went on winter break, we talked a bit about the Islamic Arts and Sciences. If you need a quick refresher, you can find those resources here. We provided links on the overview of the Golden Age of Islam, to the paper industry, to more information about the Canon medical encyclopedia, and to some Adab literature. We also found videos highlighting some of the amazing Islamic contributors like the Father of Algebra, the man they call the “First True Scientist,” and Ibn Sina, the great Persian philosopher and physician.

This week, in class, our students will learn all about the Silk Route and who the Seljuk Turks are and how they defeated the Byzantine army. Let’s get to our resources…

Resource Links:

The first Silk Roads | a short era overview by Khan Academy

History of the Seljuks | a quick summary of the significance of this people group

The Battle of Manzikert | how the seeds of the Ottoman Empire were planted

The Seljuk Rulers | a detailed list of rulers and sultans from 1037 to 1307

Video Links:

*Parents, please preview for your students first.

The Silk Route | quick overview by Khan Academy

An animated version of the Silk Road | perfect for our younger students

Battle of Manzikert celebration | take a look at this cultural festival, what the history means to the locals, and why they celebrate the anniversary of this ancient battle

Seljuk Turks Culture | short video of modern art pieces by Murat Erkan displayed in Istanbul showcasing the motifs from the Seljuk Turks era


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