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Hildegard von Bingen + more on Knights

Welcome to week 24! We’re nearly done with Trimester 2 with the High Middle ages wrapping up next week. Before this trimester ends, we wanted to highlight the Knights of that time, more on the medieval culture and learn about who Hildegard of Bingen was and her significance.

We do have a couple of quick reminders before we get to our resources. First, we have two big events this week with Bill D. and our Father-Daughter dance. If you haven’t already, please make sure to sign up! And our Trimester 2 progress reports are due tomorrow so make sure to have that turned-in on time as our teachers will need them before our conferences next week.

Now for our resources…

Resource Links:

Who is Hildegard of Bingen? | find out more in this short overview

More on Hildegard von Bingen | more on her works and significance

Hildegard’s Scivias | a sample of her work

Knight and Castle pictures | available to print in color or to print in black and white for coloring pages

More about knights and castles | lots of facts and activities

Arms and Armor | common misconceptions and FAQs

Meet Edmund Fitz William | explore an interactive site to find out more about the day in the life of a knight

Life in the Middle Ages | lots of facts about everyday life in those times

Food in the Middle Ages | find out what people ate back then

Knights’ Sports | find out popular sports enjoyed by knights – click on “Henry’s Court”

Heraldry | see some coat of arms or joust online

College of Arms | explore more about the coat of arms! Click on “Resources” for lots of interesting information

Create your own shield | find out how to make a cardboard shield

Destroy the Castle | play the game and use an online trebuchet!


Video Links:

*Parents, please preview for your students first.

Hildegard von Bingen | music history for kids

Ensemble Vocatrix | performing hymns and songs by Hildegard von Bingen

Hildegard von Bingen, O vis aeternitatis, Liber Scivias | by Sequentia

A Day in the Life | of a 10-year old in Norman times

A Kid Explains History | on Medieval Knights

Medieval Knight | quick overview

How to Arm a Knight |  learn where the term “armed at all points” originated

14th Century Armor | discover how the introduction of plate armor changed the way knights of the 14th Century armed themselves for battle

Worst jobs in the Middle Ages | What does it take to become a knight?

Modern Tournament | see knights jousting and other medieval games in a Scottish castle

How to Joust like a Medieval Knight | listen to an actor posing as a knight and talking about the sport of jousting

Henry VIII’s Kitchens | see what may have been served for a kingly feast

Henry VIII and Falconry | find out more about falconry and see falcons in action

Swing Your Bottom! | learn more about the medieval ‘rave’ instrument called the Hurdy-Gurdy



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