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Welcome to Down Home, San Luis Obispo Classical Academy’s blog! We are a classical school offering several options to make our education work for families with infants through high schoolers. Our signature hybrid program, which is part-time classroom and part-time home instruction, provides an engaging education for preschool through middle school (with full time options available). We also have a university model high school. This blog is meant to support and encourage on the home front because, in so many ways, the heart of what happens at SLO Classical Academy happens down home.

Semper discentes—always learning together.
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more parent testimonies

We were just updating our Parent Testimonies page with these amazing new testimonies. . . .

When asked why I chose SLO Classical Academy my first response is “I love to be with my kids.” The hybrid approach of home school and classroom has allowed me to be fully integrated in my children’s education. It is also important to me that my children contribute to the World . My goal for them is to be respectful, responsible and resourceful leaders. By studying those types of people from our past we can learn by their mistakes and successes. History is a focal point of our curriculum. Each year, as a school, we study a particular period of history. This not only creates a sense of community among us at this school but we can really immerse ourselves in the aspects of that time. By exploring and sometimes even reproducing, as with our History Days, the culture, events, lifestyles, handicrafts, art, music, politics, religion, inventions, discoveries, etc. I find my own “fire” being lit. This excitement radiates to my family and I see them love to learn. For me, this is the ultimate reward for my efforts. As a bonus I’m filling the gaps in my own education. What more could I want?
Sandi Twist, parent of two Primary students

My name is Cozy Faber and I am a parent of two children who are now in their second year at SLO Classical Academy. My reasons for being here are not unlike any parent wanting a spectacular education for their children. I began the quest for a perfect school knowing only what I didn’t want and completely unsure of how I could find anything that would fit our family’s dynamic. I have twin girls who are very close and are completely devoted to one another. However, they both have very different learning styles and I did not want to sacrifice one’s educational success for that of the other. Splitting them up into two different programs was not an option. I did not feel that public school would be a fit for one of the girls and home schooling was something that did not seem possible to me. I really did not know what to do. When we discovered the magic at this campus, it became clear immediately to both my husband and I that our family would truly blossom by adding a classical curriculum into the foundation of our lives. Both girls would have the opportunity to thrive and excel in their very different ways and we’d be able continue for the next eight years with our family as a focus. This has proven to be the best decision we could ever have made. Today the child who resisted all traditional methods of learning (sitting still for more than a second in a row for example, who withdrew into herself and stunted her own learning when pressed by well meaning teachers to follow their methodologies) is coming home from a school day asking that she do more lessons when she gets home. She tells me “Mama, I want to do two lessons when we get home, can I?” My other daughter who is politically quick and eager to succeed by riding the wave of a larger population’s success is now called to task. She is discovering that her own voice is intelligent and that she need not follow what the majority does, but that she perhaps knows better. This to me is more than just an education of the mind but, maybe more importantly the development of a strong character.
Cozy Faber, parent of 2 Primary students

“I love my children’s rich exposure to history, literature, logic, latin and the arts. This lays a solid foundation for their personal development and further education. Just this morning I told my daughter I was reading Sophie’s World, a book about philosophy, and she quickly pointed out the significance of the name Sophie in the title based on what she had learned in her logic class. That’s exciting!
Edie Overduin, parent of two Middle School students

We wanted to be more involved in what and how our children were learning. We wanted the ability to modify according to each of our kids learning style. We’ve got seriously different kids. Both are completely different and they are boys in the craziest sort of way! Each child needed more freedom to develop good character and there was just not that kind of time in public school. There was no time for enjoying life. 2. How has attending there affected your children’s lives and/or your family’s life? We both have busy lives. Daddy is a chef and works nights and weekends and in public school our kids rarely saw him. Now we have Daddy time and I’m not frazzled feeling like I’m the single parent. Also, our children have more time to do enrichment. In public school, homework often took us late into the evening leaving no time for sports, or just plain old free time. Now we even have time to plant a garden and bake cookies along with multiple art and sports events throughout the week. 3. What do you notice about the school that is unique or especially meaningful to you? We believe the Classical Academy’s model of academic learning is the most effective period. It truly enables you to have a whole child approach which truly makes every part of their learning matter. They play, dance, draw, read, sing, move, pretend, write…all with friends and by themselves. When our children started learning in this way, suddenly their conversations with us changed. The lights were on, they began conversing in ways we had not ever heard them do. It’s like when they were little tots and everything is fun, exciting, new, and their curious. We are delighting each day in what this school has brought our family.
Ben & Olivia Richardson, parents of Primary and Intermediate students

I love how this school gives us the outstanding curriculum, inspiring teachers and the precious gift of time to help history come alive for our children. My seven year old chose to read the story of Benjamin West and his Cat Grimalkin for his class project and nearly became that boy before my eyes. He sanded a wood board, asked a neighbor for a piece of charcoal, and then used a snip of hair from his cat’s tail to re-create Benjamin West’s first painting. From his own love of johnny-cakes to his enjoyment in nature, my son has made a profound connection with someone who lived centuries before him.
Amy Callarman, parent of Pmary and Middle School students

I was a little hesitant to jump into the SLO Classical Academy because I work half time. After a year and a half, I can’t imagine not being here; my 6th-grader enjoys school (and being at home sometimes too!) and is learning about life in such a rich and robust way. People are blown away when I tell them that he likes to speak in front of his class, and that he gets to take Latin and Logic. Selfishly, I get the benefit of being around creative, dedicated and interesting parents.
Solina Lindahl, parent of Middle School student

SLOCA – it’s not the latest fad in energy drinks… But an educational institution that, has at its foundation, a philosophy that focuses on nurturing the development of the student. An invigorating and challenging environment, where the partnership between the educator, student and parents creates opportunities for the student to obtain a rich and well balanced classical education. Our daughter, Arriana, has flourished and she eagerly embraces the life long learning process. Diane Raj We appreciate having our kids educated at home where we can dialog freely with them and ride the wave of their academic interests. In the early years we wanted to extend their time at home in order to provide more opportunity for them to catch the values that were important to us. SLO Classical Academy is very supportive of the education that takes place at home. The teachers partner with parents to assist them with their educational goals. For example, while reading The Sign of the Beaver for school, my son and I came across a description of how a Native American boy built a rabbit snare. We researched it and found an article from an early 1900’s magazine describing the snar
e. James and I had a good time making our own snare as it had been described and his teacher allowed class time for him to share his model and all he had learned. At the time we were looking into SLO Classical Academy, we had homeschooled for 5 years and had a one year old son. I was feeling that I could use some support and also felt that as we had recently moved to CA I wasn’t doing a great job of providing a setting where my kids could learn the give and take that is required to build good relationships within a community. We read about classical education and thought it was close to the kind of education we had dreamed of for our kids from the start. Well, we have learned so much from being part of this school. I’ve been exposed to useful teaching tools that we would not have come across on our own. Also, I learned something valuable about my son. After a while at the school he just seemed to blossom in confidence and became generally happier. I thought he needed to be around other kids more but I was surprised to observe what a social person he was. He seems to thrive on being with his peers and enjoys the classroom setting, yet he likes the balance of home and school. My daughter enjoys the challenge that her teachers provide. She loves her teachers. The girls she has come to know also love learning and spur her on to keep growing and learning.
Mark & Lilibeth Schrantz, parents of Primary student

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