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Welcome to Down Home, San Luis Obispo Classical Academy’s blog! We are a classical school offering several options to make our education work for families with infants through high schoolers. Our signature hybrid program, which is part-time classroom and part-time home instruction, provides an engaging education for preschool through middle school (with full time options available). We also have a university model high school. This blog is meant to support and encourage on the home front because, in so many ways, the heart of what happens at SLO Classical Academy happens down home.

Semper discentes—always learning together.
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Magical Moments, or Trying Times?

Having more time together with our kids is one of the major benefits of attending SLO Classical Academy. The homeschooling piece is a significant part of this educational journey for many of us, and we want it to be rich and rewarding, right? Those “magical moments” when we witness a child’s delight in learning, or they make a connection they’ve never thought of before, or when WE discover something fascinating that we’d never learned – those moments give us a boost and keep us going. 

But our home days aren’t always rosy and sublime. We all struggle occasionally and experience tears and trials rather than magical moments. Home education can be challenging, so what do we do when we’re facing difficulties? The good news is that we are surrounded by parents who are traveling the same road, full of ups and downs, and who can be a wonderful support network. After all, we are learning together (semper discentes) not just in our own families, but as a community. 

Now that we’re somewhat settled into the school year, we want to know how it’s going for you on the home front. To help nurture parent connection and share ideas, this week we’re offering a “Homeschool Counseling” seminar on Tuesday October 9th (Track B) and Wednesday, October 10th (Track A) from 1:00-2:30 pm in the Lewis Library. This gathering is for everyone – whether you need some advice and problem solving strategies, or you’re experiencing smooth sailing and can come encourage others. Most likely you’re somewhere in between and can both give and receive support.

We can all benefit by being real and tackling challenges together. So please join us as we gather to share the good, the bad (and even the ugly!), while searching for solutions and ideas. We hope to see you there!

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