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Welcome to Down Home, San Luis Obispo Classical Academy’s blog! We are a classical school offering several options to make our education work for families with infants through high schoolers. Our signature hybrid program, which is part-time classroom and part-time home instruction, provides an engaging education for preschool through middle school (with full time options available). We also have a university model high school. This blog is meant to support and encourage on the home front because, in so many ways, the heart of what happens at SLO Classical Academy happens down home.

Semper discentes—always learning together.
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Shop SLOCAL for Beautiful Books

{photos by Mary Knudson}

Do you love books? Do you love classic books? Do you love beautiful hardbound collector-quality classic books? We bet you do, and we invite you to come check out the amazing, gorgeous classics for sale in the bookstore right now! 

We feel our bookstore is such a valuable asset to our SLOCA community, and we have dreams of it becoming a store that is full to the brim of all kinds of good stuff for the SLOCA life – not just curricula, but support materials, quality gifts, and marvelous books that aren’t assigned, yet are enriching and desirable additions to your home library. 

We want to infuse our homes with wonderful, rich, beautiful stories that not only capture the heart but are appealing to the eye as well. That’s what we’ve ordered for our families and we encourage you to come see them! There are many titles to choose from, such as Pride and Prejudice, Little Women, The Count of Monte Christo, Les Miserables, Tales from 1001 Arabian Nights, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, A Little Princess, The Wizard of Oz, A Christmas Carol, books of poetry… and more! 

There’s also an adorable line of board books based on many of these classic novels… these are baby and toddler appropriate, focusing on sounds, colors, counting, etc. While you’re cuddling up with your little one and a board book, why not be introducing them to the greatest literature of all time?

These simply breathtaking books for young and old would make perfect Christmas, birthday, or baby shower gifts for anyone on your list who loves literature, and especially for SLOCA students!  Actually, the SLOCA parents are probably drooling over these for themselves, too… and even if you already own many of these classics, wouldn’t it be great to start a library of your child’s own, to take with them when they leave home?

We will also be stocking more modern great books – both chapter and picture books – that have been recommended by some of our most book-loving staff (including Gary Schmidt's top 10 favorite books!). You can be sure that any book we sell in our store will be excellent literature you can feel good about owning and giving.

Our school store is a convenient place to shop for quality gifts and gear, so stop in and check out these collectible literary masterpieces, other great reads, and our new SLOCA clothing, which is coming soon – in time for the holidays! Regular bookstore hours are Monday-Thursday 8:15-9 am and 2-3 pm, closed Fridays. 

Coming Dec. 1st – 11th our bookstore will be hosting a Book Fair, with extended hours for parents to shop. The times will be Monday – Thursday 8:15-10:00 and 1:00-3:00. We will be offering a 10% discount for purchases over $50 and 15% off of purchases over $100 during this book fair.


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