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Welcome to Down Home, San Luis Obispo Classical Academy’s blog! We are a classical school offering several options to make our education work for families with infants through high schoolers. Our signature hybrid program, which is part-time classroom and part-time home instruction, provides an engaging education for preschool through middle school (with full time options available). We also have a university model high school. This blog is meant to support and encourage on the home front because, in so many ways, the heart of what happens at SLO Classical Academy happens down home.

Semper discentes—always learning together.
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10 Reasons to Attend the Ever Imagining Retreat

Our parent retreat this year is all about creating space to imagine and connect together—guided by three dynamic, leading educators (and parents themselves!). Our fast-paced world finds us with less time than ever, and imagination is often shortchanged or lost. Sessions will include author + Pulitzer Prize winner John Matteson on The Birth of the Modern Imaginationprofessor of sociology + author Angel Adams Parham giving us A Vision for Flourishing in Classical Education, and educator + podcaster Heidi White giving us tools for Restoring the Imagination in ourselves and in our children.

If you aren’t convinced by the speaker and session titles alone (did we mention that lunch was included?), scroll down for ten reasons to attend our retreat this year. This event is open to the public—and if you buy 2 tickets, you get the 3rd free—so bring your friends! The content is relevant to any parent or educator looking to raise whole, sturdy, and imaginative children.

  1. Build community, see friends
    • If you need an excuse to take time out for yourself, here you go!
  2. Develop purpose
    • Why are you at SLOCA? How do you want to engage with children during these years?
  3. Learn together and from each other
  4. Get a break from your routine for the day
  5. Enjoy unprecedented teaching from two distinguished educators in the classical world and a Pulitzer prize winner
  6. Discover ways to mine children’s literature for gold nuggets of truth, beauty, and goodness
  7. Don’t miss the great door prizes
  8. Counteract the adverse effects of technology with the powerful impact of imagination
  9. Invoke imagination in older kids as their focus changes
  10. Take time to actively imagine with your kids to finish the day – it may be your best, new bedtime hack

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